Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (SCH)

Boyer Sudduth’s project management skills were essential to SCH and kept us on track. This was critical as I have a full plate with many other projects competing for my attention. Anne and Mary Ann clearly defined what needed to be done to achieve our goals and prioritized next steps. They helped us achieve results including high profile third-party award recognition. Anne and Mary Ann bring deep knowledge of environmental sustainability issues and curriculum, particularly for K-12 schools. This has helped us stay abreast of current standards of excellence and to innovate. Anne and Mary Ann also helped promote our “green” initiative through marketing efforts using the local paper and social media outlets.” - Frank Aloise, Chief Financial Officer, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy



"I am the Associate Director of PAISBOA, a regional association of 180 Independent Schools and Colleges in the Philadelphia area. About three years ago, we created a Sustainability Affinity Group for our members out of our belief in the topic’s importance to our schools, their students and the earth. Mary Ann and Anne have provided great guidance and resource material to this newly created Affinity Group. They’ve contributed their time, technical knowledge, experience and organizational skills in helping to build our program. From my experience, they have always done more than I asked for and with excellence. I think that such standards are in their DNA. It has been gratifying for me to have the opportunity to work with them in building something of value." - Al Greenough, Associate Director, Philadelphia Area Independent School Business Officers Association (PAISBOA)

Norwood Fontbonne Academy

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"Boyer Sudduth (MaryAnn and Anne) Environmental Consultants are wonderful! They guided us through all phases of a Collaborative Waste Initiative in partnership with the Morris Arboretum and Chestnut Hill College. With their deep knowledge of green schools and experience in leading institutional change, Mary Ann and Anne empowered our Treasuring the Earth Team to imagine and create this new initiative in our school. The team worked to identify goals, conduct a pre- and post-waste audit, develop an action plan, monitor and evaluate results, and deepen our curricular connections to consumption and waste. These efforts lead to a reduction of waste by 37% and a Bronze Award from Eco-Schools USA. In addition, Mary Ann and Anne helped us secure three grant awards with which we purchased a new composter and recycling bins. They enabled us to publicize our story and inspired our Treasuring the Earth Team to continue this work in the future." - Sister Mary Helen Beirne, Head of School, Norwood Fontbonne Academy

School District of Philadelphia


"I asked Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants to help plan a training session for district teachers on waste and consumption as part of our GreenFutures professional development series.  Anne and Mary Ann collaborated with a team including Eco-Schools USA and Keep Philadelphia Beautiful over several months to bring the session to life. It was their practical knowledge based on hands-on experience that made their perspective so valuable for me. At the session, Mary Ann shared tips on conducting a waste audit and an exercise teachers could use with their school's green teams that participants found particularly worthwhile. We received tons of positive feedback in the the post workshop evaluations.  We are grateful for their on-going engagement with the district's sustainability efforts." - Megan Garner, Sustainability Manager, School District of Philadelphia

Fairmount Water Works

"The Fairmount Water Works invited Mary Ann Boyer to lead a group of middle school teachers through a creative journaling activity. The goal was to help teachers think beyond the spiral notebook.  Her emphasis on process was refreshing.  Moreover, Boyer was able to engage teachers with her clear and creative style while demonstrating her deep background knowledge of environmental science married with her past classroom experience." - Ellen Schultz, Associate Director for Education

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy

"The school-wide sustainability training provided by Mary Ann Boyer and Anne Sudduth has helped to engage and educate our community as we unite behind the shared goal of fostering a global consciousness that creates a more sustainable world. They presented a framework for the strategic evaluation of what was and was not working in our sustainability efforts, and their expertise provided the information and inspiration to motivate our community and heighten our awareness that our thoughts, our choices, and our actions matter in building a better world." - Amy Lintner, Director, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy

Organic Diversion, LLC

"As a regional compost company,  we enjoyed watching compost and recycling grow at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy from 2014-2016 with the guidance of Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants. BSEC taught Students and the Community how to expand recycling, while cutting waste and procurement costs. The students were engaged, having fun, and better prepared to conquer sustainability challenges in secondary education and beyond. Mary Ann Boyer and Anne Sudduth have combined responsiveness, creativity and strategic planning to accomplish client environmental and economic goals." -  Gail Rosati, Organic Diversion

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (SCH) 

"By working with Anne and Mary Ann this year, our school has achieved many more of our sustainability-related goals than we’ve been able to in previous years.  Anne and Mary Ann provide the perfect combination of helping to propel the school forward and making sure every stakeholder feels that their voice is being heard. Anne and Mary Ann have supported me in my role as the chair of the Green Task Force with an effective blend of encouragement, pre-planning, and follow through. They are with us every step of the way. I can’t stress enough how valuable our relationship with them has been!" - Ellen Kruger, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (SCH)

CulinArt Group

"Anne Sudduth and Mary Ann Boyer have been the positive force in achieving our sustainability goal at SCH Academy as the first green restaurant certified school in Pennsylvania. They were focused each step of the way, and made sure that we were able to receive credit for each area. This year we achieved the second level of certification, which meant more work to qualify for additional points. BSEC were able to provide the correct amount of expertise at the appropriate time. Kudos!" - Porter Bush, District Manager, CulinArt Group

Mt. Pleasant Elementary

"Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants is a valuable asset for any school hoping to increase its sustainability practices. They break down large complex tasks into manageable pieces and smaller goals that are reasonable and attainable. They help create opportunities for both teachers and students to be actively engaged in the process of going green. At Mt. Pleasant Elementary School this year, they helped us organize and complete both an energy and waste audit. They provided curriculum connections for students of all ages to access these pathways in the Eco­-Schools Program run by the World Wildlife Federation. We would never have been able to complete this work without their guidance and support! They are also incredibly professional, responsive and well ­organized. Quite simply, they are a great pleasure to work with. I heartily recommend their services for any educational institution on a path to a greener school." - Wendy Turner, Mt. Pleasant Elementary, a Green Ribbon School

Friends Environmental Education Network

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"Mary Ann Boyer’s workshop at FEEN - Friends Environmental Education Network (Quaker) schools conference addressed our values perfectly.  She gave practical solutions on how to reduce our environmental impact and inspired us to become more sustainable. The Quaker school educators in attendance left her workshop energized about returning to the schools with ideas and strategies for moving environmental suitability measures forward in their own settings." - Deborra Sines Pancoe, Associate Director, Friends Council on Education