PAST BSEC Interns - Where are they now?

Over the past three years, Boyer Sudduth has had the pleasure of working with several passionate, talented, and hard-working interns who all contributed in meaningful ways to the company’s work. With the new year upon us, we thought it would be nice to take a look back on our past interns experience at BSEC and see where they are now! We also asked each intern to reflect on their internship experience at BSEC and share a bit about their most memorable moments. We hope you enjoy reading their stories. They have all played a valuable role in this company and we hope we had the same positive impact on their paths in the field of environmental sustainability, education, and advocacy.


Emma Schlam: Intern

Presently: Pursuing a Masters degree at Clark University

“My most memorable BSEC moment was getting to visit Derby Academy and meet with the students in the Environmental Club, and hear the concerns of the teachers. It was nice to see how much the teachers valued simple suggestions and tips, they didn’t want highly academic research. It reminded me that I already have skills and knowledge that are important and could help people, even though I don’t feel like an expert in anything.”




Presently: University of Pennsylvania (class of  2019)

One of my most memorable moments at BSEC was working with St. Martins-in-the-Field Church to make a Green Office program to help develop more sustainable practices at the church's office. The people there were lovely to work with and very eager to bring in eco-friendly practices.”

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Presently: Drexel University’s Graduate School in Public Health class of 2019

“My most memorable moment at BSEC was my first day where I went to a communicating climate change seminar at the Franklin Institute. It was awesome to meet various professionals who all had a common goal. The seminar really opened my eyes to the various professional avenues of sustainability as well as improved ways to communicate science.”

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Presently: Constituent Relationship Management Specialist at World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington, DC

“During my time at BSEC, I was able to do interesting, challenging work. One of the most exciting projects I worked on was creating a series of proposals for a local business looking to reduce their environmental footprint. The most memorable part of this project was being able to present my findings to the business owner at the end of the project. It was rewarding to able to present my own work, practice my presentation skills, and make a positive impact on my community.”

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SHANNON MEYER: Intern (2017-2018)

Presently: Project Administrator at Element Care

“I loved volunteering at Brookline High School, helping students sort their trash during lunch periods as part of their composting initiative. Having the opportunity to meet young people who are passionate about environmental issues was really inspiring, plus I love trash!”

Shannon Meyer Jan 2018.JPG

MARYKATE O’BRIEN: Intern 2017, current Guest Writer for BSEC Blog

Presently: Development Manager at Riverbend Environmental Education Center (REEC)

Besides when the tree fell through Mary Ann's house, which was a crazy/ non-work related memory, my favorite memory was assisting with a workshop at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy. I enjoyed seeing Mary Ann and Anne execute a well-run lesson plan for approximately 40 middle schoolers just days before their summer recess (that is NOT an easy job!). I also learned important techniques about teaching young people about environmental topics in a way that is fun and engaging!”


SAM YORK: Intern (2017-2018)

Presently: Ditigal Marketing at Ampush

“One of my most memorable moments was the waste audit that Mary Ann and I did with students at William F. Cooke Elementary School in March of 2018. Seeing the students engage in the lesson and identify opportunities for making the cafeteria more sustainable was a great example of the impact of BSEC's work to both educate and improve sustainability.”

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Presently: Product Development for Macy’s

“My most memorable moment was working on creating infographic charts to be displayed in the schools to educate the children about environmental issues. The information/layout was curated in such a way that it could be easily understood by the children.”



Presently: Bank Street College of Education’s Master’s program

“ One of my most memorable moments at BSEC was going to the Morris Arboretum with the Montessori class from Norwood Fontbonne Academy. I participated in two field trips to the arboretum with the same class. One was to the cafe where we learned about green practices used at the facility. That field trip was a great experience because I had been working on the lesson plan for that trip and I was able to see how my lesson plan worked or did not work for the classes. I also went to the Christmas tree chipping area on another field trip and that one was great because we learned not only about the tree chipping, but also about the green features of the building on that part of the arboretum property. The kids were so excited to look for green features and try to figure out what their purpose was. It was fun to see them all so passionate and engaged.”



Presently: Compliance Administrator at Vanguard

“My favorite moment during my internship with BSEC was going on a tour of SCH Academy and conducting interviews with the staff around their experience with the zero waste initiative. It was wonderful to see the passion from the staff and students who want to make their school and the world a more sustainable place.”


GRACE YI: Intern (2016-2017)

Presently: Graduate Research Assistant at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

“While there are many memorable moments at BSEC, my favorite is how Mary Ann would ask if I would like a cup of tea or a sandwich every time I arrived to work. Mary Ann's warm greeting is a reflection of her thoughtfulness and generosity, which was also evident in her work and interactions with her clients and colleagues.”

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Rekha Dhillon-Richardson: Intern

Presently: Sophomore at Brown University

“Working with Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants to perform the water fountain audit at SCH Academy was a super valuable  experience. Discouraging the use of plastic water bottles was a rewarding and fun way to work towards a more sustainable school community!”



Presently: Environmental Justice Major at Middlebury College, class of 2020

I really enjoyed attending a meeting and educational session in the city regarding the Philadelphia water policy, the Water Department and how they relate to the expansion of green roofs.”

Leif Taranta.jpeg

We hope you enjoy learning about our interns and their time at BSEC. We are very proud of the men and women they are becoming and hope that they continue their pursuit of a career in the environmental field or in whichever industry they choose. We know a bright future awaits in 2019 for BSEC and all of the interns past and present!

If you are interested in interning for BSEC, please send your resume and cover letter to

Article submitted by MaryKate O’Brien, previous intern with Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants.