Boyer Sudduth NOMINATED FOR 2018 SustainPHL AWARD

We are thrilled and honored to announce that we’ve been nominated for the 2018 SustainPHL Award. The SustainPHL Award recognizes those helping to make Philadelphia a better, cleaner and greener city through the work they do and by inviting others to take part.  BSEC was nominated as an “Impact Business Leader” for “advancing sustainability (including social impact or civic causes) in the greater Philadelphia area.”  We would like to thank our clients, partners, and friends for their work, support, and business with Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants that have made this possible.  Congratulations to Circle Compost and Cycles PHL on being nominated, as well.

Information about our nomination on

Information about our nomination on

We would also like to include a special thanks to Al Greenough, the former Associate Director of the Philadelphia Area Independent School Business Officers Association (PAISBOA), who nominated us. Al had these kind words to say about BSEC:

About three years ago, we created a Sustainability Affinity Group for our members out of our belief in the topic’s importance to our schools, their students and the earth. Mary Ann and Anne have provided great guidance and resource material to this newly created Affinity Group. They’ve contributed their time, technical knowledge, experience and organizational skills in helping to build our program.

Four years ago, BSEC was launched with the dream to help schools in the greater Philadelphia area “go green” and adopt environmentally sustainable practices in their operations, institutional behavior and curriculum. Since then, we have trained hundreds of teachers, school administrators and students on sustainability topics and together have reduced the environmental impact of area schools. By collaborating with your schools, businesses, and organizations, we have been able to accomplish so much for our communities and for the earth, and for that, we would like to say thank you.