Not Your Grandmother's Gingerbread House

What do you get when you pair a future environmental engineers, an aspiring architect, some gingerbread and frosting? Not your grandmother's gingerbread house, but a sustainable one. 

On Saturday, December 10, 2016, Katie Scanlan, The Hill School's High Meadows Chair of Sustainability, and Eco Action Club students sponsored a gingerbread "gone-green" contest.

Boyer Sudduth helped to teach students at The Hill School about features that make buildings "green," and then the students set out to create the greenest gingerbread houses that they could.

The full article on the gingerbread houses can be found on the PAISBOA Friday Flyer.

The learning didn't stop when Boyer Sudduth taught the students at Hill School, though!  Read about how the Hill School students went on to teach their peers at Pottstown Middle School the new information they had learned from Boyer Sudduth in this blog post by the Hill School.